Real English

Would you like to sound like a native English speaker? Here you can listen and practice BBC or received English pronunciation at your own pace.

Welcome to our website

This website will help you to acquire a received English pronunciation. This pronunciation is used in Great Britain in the business, academic and professional environment and in official communications. It is also called BBC pronunciation as it is used by BBC presenters. It will help you to communicate more effectively at the workplace or at University and be easily understood when speaking over the phone.

On this website you will learn in a completely natural way using a method which is based on the latest discoveries of brain science and linguistics.

We can reproduce correctly the sounds of our first language because we learnt it at a very early age when our ears were especially sensitive to new sounds. The pronunciation patterns of our first language were recorded as software in our brain. However, when we learn a second language, mostly we use these pre-recorded patterns rather than record new ones, especially for foreign sounds that are similar to the sounds of our native language.

This pronunciation course will help you to record new programme for the sounds of English by taking you through different stages of sound learning . It will explain the nuances of pronunciation of different sounds, let you listen, repeat and practice English words and tongue twisters until you can hear and reproduce correctly each English sound.

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